2021 NBA Buyout Market Watch

The 2021 NBA trade deadline is behind us, but that doesn’t mean teams are finished making roster moves. With over a month-and-a-half left in the 2020/21 regular season, there are still many roster spots to be filled around the NBA, as well as veterans who might not finish the year with their current teams.

The NBA’s buyout market has been busy since the trade deadline and figures to remain active for at least another week or two.

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A veteran in an undesirable situation due to his playing time or his team’s place in the standings (or both) could ask to be released and may even be willing to give back a little money to accommodate the move. Some teams might make that decision unilaterally, opting to release a veteran to open up a roster spot for a younger player.

Over the rest of the month, we’ll use the space below to monitor the buyout market, keeping tabs on which veteran players have been bought out or released, and which have found new teams. We’ll also keep an eye on players who are potential buyout candidates. The list will be updated daily.

A player on an NBA contract must be waived by the end of the day on April 9 in order to retain his playoff eligibility, so that will be a key date to watch.

Here’s our breakdown of the 2021 NBA buyout market:

Last updated 4-11-21 (8:41pm CT)

Veterans who have been bought out or released this season and are free agents:

Note: Not every player who has been cut since the trade deadline will be mentioned here. We’re not listing developmental players (such as Jalen Lecque or Ignas Brazdeikis) or injured players (like Meyers Leonard or Marquese Chriss) who would be unlikely to draw interest from playoff teams.

Veterans who have been bought out or released and joined new teams:

Other veterans who could be candidates to be bought out or released:

Note: These players all made it through the April 9 playoff eligibility waiver deadline without being cut, so they appear likely to finish the season with their respective clubs.

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22 thoughts on “2021 NBA Buyout Market Watch

  1. joemoes

    Is Otto Porter not good anymore? I remember he was okay with DC I’ve been out of the nba loop a bit.

    • Tatsumaki

      Otto would be a nice rotational player on a championship caliber team. The issue is he is paid like he is a star and that’s something he is not.

  2. towinagain

    Whiteside to the Clipps and call it a day. Three deep at the center position and insurance in case Ibakas injury is a concern.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Well considering Knicks have to pick up a Center. If they want to make sure they make the playoffs. Even be competitive in the playoffs. Have to get depth at the 5. Ones available now are Dedmond and T Maker, both real centers. Wonder if they are even ready. Pelle is out there. But the one I would love to have is Whiteside . Hope he gets bought out. He should ask for buyout. He’s hardly playing now (15 mins avg for season). Knicks can pay him what he gets bought out for. Plus the exposure he will get for starting in NY and playoffs can only help him. I actually always wanted him as a backup, more than Noel. Whiteside for Knicks would be the best pickup. Thibs can probably really help him too. He has the size and talent to be a Premier rim protector. BO players can be signed till April 9 this yr. To be able to add on to playoff rosters. We’ll see ……. stay tuned NYK.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Still think Rivers can help Clippers. They should sign him. You need all the depth you can get for playoffs.

  5. Darye davis

    Hassan Whiteside to the Warriors would be a good fit for player & team. Warriors have been looking for an inside presence all year!

  6. WallyWood

    Bradley is too good a player for the Rockets to just discard in a buyout. His contract is very reasonable and has a team option for next season. They got two very solid players in the Oladipo trade that will turn out to be a lot more in their favor than it currently appears.

  7. brian214

    Can we take a moment and once again thank the Bucks for taking Jabari Parker instead of that big man out of Kansas?

    • stevep-4

      Bucks had Giannis so it was a logical move to bypass him. Parker was a decent contributor in MKE, but since, not so much.

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