Celtics Trade Daniel Theis To Bulls In Three-Team Deal

6:27pm: The trade is now official, per a press release from the Wizards.

2:57pm: Ryan McDonough of Radio.com provides the full details on the trade, explaining (via Twitter) that it’ll be folded into the previously-reported Bulls/Wizards swap that involved Wagner. The breakdown is as follows, per McDonough:

  • The Bulls will receive Theis, Green, Troy Brown, $1.3MM in cash from the Celtics, and $250K in cash from the Wizards.
  • The Celtics will receive Kornet and Wagner.
  • The Wizards will receive Daniel Gafford and Chandler Hutchison.

The C’s will end up $950K below the tax line as a result of their series of moves, tweets Marks.

2:31pm: The Celtics and Bulls have agreed to a deal that will send Daniel Theis to Chicago and Moritz Wagner to Boston, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter links). K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago first reported the talks between the two teams (Twitter link).

According to Johnson and Mark Murphy of The Boston Herald (Twitter links), Jeff Teague and Javonte Green were also discussed leading up to the deadline, with the possibility of a third team joining the mix. Teague will be sent to Orlando as part of the Evan Fournier trade and will subsequently be waived, per Josh Robbins and Jared Weiss of The Athletic.

It’s not clear if a third team will take on Green or if he’ll be end up going to the Bulls, but the Celtics are believed to be acquiring Luke Kornet from Chicago in the deal, tweets Murphy.

The move will get the Celtics get out of luxury tax territory following their acquisition of Fournier, as Bobby Marks of ESPN tweets. Meanwhile, it gives the Bulls a solid backup center following their earlier deal for Nikola Vucevic.

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42 thoughts on “Celtics Trade Daniel Theis To Bulls In Three-Team Deal

    • Bulls go from the worst center situation in the nba to….how good is this for them fellas?

      • stevep-4

        Oh, but they had to give up Luke Kornet and Chandler Hutchison. That will leave a big hole on the CD-DNP.

        • Sillivan

          Celtics trade $9,2 million salary for $4.6 million salary

          Celtics don’t pay luxury tax

          Theis is a better player than Thompson

  1. stevep-4

    Teague is a placeholder pg in Chicago for this season? Theis backs up Vucevic nicely. Hm.

  2. formerlyz

    Celtics get their floor spacing big, although I’m sure they’d have rather kept Theis than Tristan Thompson

    • Lil D MVC aka Uno

      Eh Theis is just a casualty of the system. Thompson plays more like a traditional big man. He’ll get boards and defend. Theis could do a little of everything but nothing exceptionally. If he was like 2, 3 inches taller, maybe.

  3. Lil D MVC aka Uno

    Best of luck to you Theis. Wonder if Chicago goes deeper than Boston this postseason?

  4. stevep-4

    So Bulls STILL don’t have a pg. Maybe they continue the point-center experiment, but with an actual center, not Thad Young.

    • stevep-4

      And OF COURSE the Bulls received ‘cash considerations’ because that is Reinsdorf’s favorite player.

    • PutoBelga12

      Kornet is soooo bad there are no words to describe him. He can supposedly shoot, although making a couple of threes in a game once every two years doesn’t do it for me. Coby White gets more rebounds than him. He’s a parody of a stretch big. Can’t defend, can’t rebound, can’t run, can’t set a screen, avoids the paint like a cat avoids water and is not as good a shooter as advertised. I honestly prefer Felicio, who at least has a big body that stays in the way, which says a lot. As a Bulls fan I’n as happy we got rid of him as I’m happy we got Vucevic (and Theis).

    • Dxit90a

      He is just an average big man shooter . Terrible defender. Poor man version of brook Lopez bucks version .

      • paindonthurt

        Doesn’t play like a big. Can’t defend or rebound. He may hit a couple 3’s on occasion, but has been almost non-existent as a bull.

  5. yeetmcskeet

    The bulls have the best future ahead of them. Just wait until free agency starts!

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Theis is a vet and a good bench big. He’s good for a young Bulls team. Nice pickup for Bulls. I also like Kornet to Celtics. He didn’t play in Chicago. In NY he was a descent backup center. A big who can step out and plays smart. Can knock down the3 too. He’s more a real C where Theis was more a backup to me. Celtics didn’t lose anything even though Theis was a starter for them. Celtics could still pick up another big in BYM

  7. Simmons>Russ

    Bulls making moves and Magic just blowing things up.

    Bulls should trade Young for Bledsloe and Josh Hart

    They need a experienced lead guard and more defence. Plus Josh Hart would be handy for the bench.

  8. johnm

    The Bull’s front office AK/Eversley and Donovan did an amazing job today. Admit I didn’t believe that what happened for the Bulls was possible.

  9. dombrowski

    Not understanding the moves today. Fournier is fine but the C’s needed bigs. Instead that add to the redundancy at shooter and dump a big. Is this move a cash savings to pick up a big that will be released?

    • Sillivan

      I’d guess Celtics owners want luxury tax income

      Warriors pay $136 million tax. Some go to Celtics owner wallet

      Nets and others pay luxury tax too

    • Lil D MVC aka Uno

      What redundancy at shooter are you talking about exactly? Does anyone on team put up 15-20 regularly outside Brown or Tatum? This let’s you have someone on the floor when they’re not that can still get points.

  10. fishy14

    This blocks Felicio and his 8mill year salary

    Man did the bulls have some of the worst contracts a 33mill SF that can’t move

    And a 8mill Center that is 6’7 and has no ball skills

    • johnm

      Wonder what Reinsdorf the owner of the Bulls thinks about the Felicio situation. What was the thinking by GarPax $32 million over four seasons all guaranteed? Felicio almost never gets off the bench until the end of the season when the Bulls are in ‘tank mode’. $32 million just down the drain and absolutely nothing to show for it.

  11. johnm

    Hope that the Bulls find a spot for Javonte Green. Green has explosive athleticism. Understand that a team can only have nine or ten players in their rotation.

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