Heat Acquire Victor Oladipo From Rockets

10:25pm: The trade for Oladipo is now official, according to press releases from both clubs.

2:10pm: Victor Oladipo is on the move, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, who reports (via Twitter) that the Rockets have agreed to send the two-time All-Star to the Heat.

According to Jonathan Feigen of The Houston Chronicle (Twitter link), the Rockets are acquiring Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk, and a 2022 draft-pick swap. The pick swap involves first-rounders, Tim MacMahon of ESPN tweets.

Houston will have the ability to swap either its own 2022 first-rounder or Brooklyn’s 2022 first-rounder for Miami’s pick, MacMahon adds in another tweet.

According to David Weiner of ClutchFans (Twitter link), the 2022 first-round pick swap is lottery-protected. A separate report from ClutchFans (Twitter link) explains that if the Heat miss the playoffs next season and that protection applies, they’d instead send a ’22 second-round selection to Houston — it would be the least favorable of the Sixers’ and Nuggets’ second-rounders.

Miami’s interest in the high-scoring guard, an unrestricted free agent after the season, was well-known, as was Oladipo’s interest in playing for the Heat.

The Heat now have a formidable 1-2 punch at the wing spots in Jimmy Butler and Oladipo as they attempt to reach the NBA Finals for the second straight season. Miami also acquires Oladipo’s Bird rights, which gave the Heat added incentive to make this deal.

It appeared to be a foregone conclusion that Oladipo, who was acquired by Houston from Indiana earlier this season in the multi-team trade that sent James Harden to the Nets, would be dealt again when he turned down a two-year, $42.5MM extension offer from the Rockets last month.

He played 20 games for Houston, averaging 21.2 PPG, 5.0 APG and 4.8 RPG in 33.5 MPG.

Olynyk has an expiring $12.6MM contract and Bradley’s $5.9MM salary for next season includes a team option. Olynyk, who became expendable when Miami agreed to acquire Nemanja Bjelica from the Kings, started 38 of 43 games this season for Miami, averaging 10.0 PPG and 6.1 RPG in 26.9 MPG.

Bradley, who was signed as a free agent last offseason, has only appeared in 10 games this season due to injuries.

After a busy day on the trade market, Miami has two open roster spots. The team will sign at least one player via the buyout market, Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press tweets. LaMarcus Aldridge looks like a top target for the Heat.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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74 thoughts on “Heat Acquire Victor Oladipo From Rockets

  1. thekayz

    There we go! Finish ‘Trade Day’ strong!
    We’ll see what HOU gets, but it’s probably not better than LeVert!!!

    • Sillivan

      Rockets are hunting teenagers now

      Avery and Kelly make zero sense

      Rockets would never never want fake swap

    • mlbnyyfan

      Riley always taking a chance. Nice job. I doubt Robinson or Herro are involved so it’s a great deal.

      • Ironmonger835

        They is hardly even taking a chance. They basically scammed Houston. lol.

        • Sillivan

          Rockets fans think Kelly O Is $10 million overpaid this year
          600% overpaid

          You don’t trade young all star and 2nd overall pick for 600% overpaid player

          You trade him to Knicks to save big money

    • Sillivan

      Around the horn says Oladipo is MVP type of player
      Heat won the day

      • PiratesFan1981

        Like ESPN has any major credibility these days. I can’t even watch one ESPN analyst without turning the channel. Their projections and picks, is really a stretch. They favor certain organizations in every sport. It’s not even worth my time to watch ESPN as they seem to drift further away from what that were about. It’s all about the dollars and less real reporting and news. They put on the pretty faces and give some clowns from WWE their own show.

        Any sports reporting anymore worth watching, is you local broadcast. You may not get to see the teams you truly like, but you get REAL reporting on a base salary and making 600% less that any ESPN reporter who hasn’t report anything they haven’t done already. Rather it’s the Heat or Lakers…. Rather it’s the Yankees or Dodgers….. Rather it’s Red Wings or the Penguins….. Rather it’s the Patriots or Steelers, they have their favorites and do more “over hyped” reporting of these organizations than any other.

        • despicable_you

          That’s hardly the issue, imo the issue is that network tv( fs1 ESPN nbcsn etc) only talks lebron Brady tiger, the whole damn year!

  2. Ironmonger835

    Damn, Rockets got scammed. lol. They should have just kept LeVert in the original deal instead of sending him to Indiana.

      • Ironmonger835

        They waited too long. Ran out of time. I would have just kept him instead of taking this but they probably wanna tank now.

        • Not really. They’ve got nothing to play for this season – just give out all of the minutes they can to KPJ. Bradley and Olynyk can get bought out for all I care.

          • Ironmonger835

            Would’ve been better off keeping him and doing a sign and trade.

        • Sillivan

          If Rockets don’t get top 4 picks in summer, they have the worst assets collection in the nba

    • lovesexland

      This is embarrassing for the Rockets. They got two players who are a couple years older, and less productive, than Oladipo….and a pick swap makes zero sense since the Rockets will be worse than Miami still. Rockets looking bad rn

      • Ironmonger835

        They are swapping the Nets pick with Miami. It likely will only be a few picks difference tho.

      • macdaddy96

        Yeah a player who can’t keep his head on a swivel. The other 28 teams could of made the trade as well but probably didn’t wanna deal with the head case Porter is. But you feel better about yourself and your team.

      • cuffs2

        That was because the entire league knew that The Cavaliers had to give Porter away after they moved his locker without telling him and he blew up at the GM in front of the entire team.

  3. macdaddy96

    The Rockets are so bad lol. What a trade. 2 scrubs, could of had Caris Levert. Houston we have big problems brewing

  4. BO don't know Ball

    Heat feel pretty good about the chances of Aldridge or some other buy-out it appears. If Oladipo can hack half a season in Miami physically, this is low risk, high reward

    • Ironmonger835

      He is still averaging 20ppg. This is like no risk, all reward for Miami.

  5. jeremyn

    Oladipo for Olynyk and Bradley is a WOW for the Heat.. this shocked me. I wanted Lowry because he oozes Heat culture… but this may have been even better.

  6. stevep-4

    Lowry is a FA, might be available in the off-season. I am surprised Heat let Bradley go, but Oladipo fits well and is an almost certain re-sign there.

    When Harkless and Ariza’s salaries are figured in, they could give Oladipo what he is asking.

    • Corporal Foxtrot

      No lie I did make a trade machine with Olynyx & Bradley for Oladipo. Then I took it down cause like many I was like there’s no way heat will include Bradley in a deal. Riley has guts though, he’s not a coward GM…

  7. Expiring contracts and swap? Seriously, Houston having the right to swap with Miami has little value absent a plane going down. The players would have been the Heat’s choice of matching contracts for almost any player.

    • crb15

      It said the pick swap would be the Nets 2022, not the Rockets. So they are betting the Nets are better than Miami. Terrible trade for Houston nonetheless.

    • hiflew

      Why would that be a bad thing? 2nd place in a 30 team league is nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s not the best, but it is something that 28 other teams would be happy to trade for.

    • Cap & Crunch

      This whole 2nd place is just the biggest loser crap has gotten ridiculous this last decade

      Enjoy the ride man, the journey is the best part of pro sports, relish it

  8. I Beg To Differ

    So this nakes what 4 or 5 name changes this year for westbrook harden mvo

  9. Lil D MVC aka Uno

    I feel like the league should’ve stepped in on this one lol. Embarrassing.

    • Lil D MVC aka Uno

      You gave up James Harden for Avery Bradley and Kelly Olynk!!!

    • jeremyn

      Not to make it worse.. but the Heat were offering Nunn and Duncan in any Harden trade… they also turned down Jarrett Allen and Caris LaVert…. the Rockets GM should be fired.

  10. It is what it is. At least Dipo’s out of there. Tank and play the youngsters some more.

  11. hiflew

    The draft pick swap might not have direct value for the Rockets, but it could still have value. I don’t know if it is legal, but could they acquire a pick from the Lakers or Bucks that could add value to the swap?

    • jeremyn

      Pretty sure they could only swap their own 1 for miami’s 1… not later traded picks

      • Ironmonger835

        Yes they can. OKC has the option to swap Miami’s pick for Houston’s pick this year if its not top 4.

  12. macdaddy96

    Such a terribly ran franchise. They could of had Levert and Jarrett Allen. Instead they end up with a minimal pick swap and two players who walk in FA this year. I’d love to know what the mindset is on that. Love to hear WallyWood and the nonsense he’s gonna spew too.

  13. formerlyz

    They grabbed Bjelica, so moving Olynyk was probably a given…I never thought I’d say this when I **** all over the signing 4 years ago, but I’m going to miss Kelly Olynyk. He improved significantly in multiple areas, some I didnt think he would. He is actually a good defender now. A real competitor, and a true Miami Heat player. I hope he gets paid in the offseason. Dude deserves it

    Hopefully, Oladipo can find some of what we’ve seen flashes of since returning from his injury, but specifically what he was before that. Defensively, he can really impact this team, especially with them losing something on that end, which was already an area of need, in their other move today. Heat have struggled to guard guards, which you hoped Avery Bradley would help with, but he had the covid situation and his injuries, and we didnt get to see much of it. Heat opened up a couple of roster spots today, so we’ll see how they use them. Kind of seems like LaMarcus Aldridge is likely, now that they moved Olynyk. Would like to see something defensively on the wing/at the 4, if doable

  14. WallyWood

    It’s amazing how people said that Oladipo was so terrible and virtually untradeable but now since he was sent to Miami the Heat got such a great deal. Hypocrisy.

    • Chill. The main thing is he’s gone. Now continue to tank and try to find a taker for Wall in the off-season although I fear a buy-out is coming. A “franchise player” doesn’t let his team lose 20 in a row no matter how hurt he is.

    • macdaddy96

      Considering what the Heat sent back to your lowly Rockets, it is a good deal for them! Oladipo is a fine player who never made sense for the rebuilding rockets. Heat get him for cheap for the PLAYOFFS that they’ll be playing in.

      • macdaddy96

        Meanwhile the rockets got, what, 4 1st rounders for Harden in a nutshell? Yikes those picks are years out. Even if the rockets hit on those picks it’ll be at least 4/5 years until their remotely competitive again.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      I’m surprised you are not hiding. What happened with Gordon lol. When will you ever see reality. Two role players and a better pick than Nets pick. Rockets should of took LaVert. Try to concentrate on rebuilding team. And stop glorifying everything Rockets. It’s absurd and childish. Move on lol. Rockets can rebuild, it’s been done before.

    • Kc smoke

      Oladipo is on his 5th team now and his value is at its worst had a lot of injuries and wants max money now too

  15. Marty McRae

    Miami turned Leonard, Olynyk, Harkless, Bradley into Ariza, Bjelica, Oladipo and probably Aldridge. Wow.

  16. KnickerbockerAl

    In the end Rockets should have taken LeVert. Young up and coming SG. Nice move. Oladipo was always going to Heat. They should just rest and play him in playoffs. This is about next yr and further. This yr he’s just another piece. Next yr he can be a big three. Heat have pick up a big now. Drummond would be great move. They get Drummond which Isaid they would. I know Rylie. Then they are a dangerous contender. Would of been fun to bring back Whiteside lols
    Not a hater but Oladipo is not 100%. You can see it if you actually watch games. But he can still help as a rotation guy. And as he gets right and stronger. He is a legit starter 20 pts a gm guy. So this is a good move for Heat. I guess not it’s wait n see for BO market

    • jeremyn

      You seem to not know anything (I guess typical for a knicks fan? lol)…. the Heat are already adding LeMarcus Aldridge and Dummond would be very nice.. but a long shot. As for Oladipo.. he’s averaging 20-5-5 this season. That’s his second best statistical season.. so crappy lol

  17. goastros123

    Should’ve kept Lavert and ask the Nets to thrown in Jarret Allen as well.

  18. bigguccisosa300

    @WallyWood aye throw Kelly in your username for me I played highschool ball with him

    • x%sure

      KellyWood should make for a decent combo.

      But Rockets will likely be tanking. AveryB. may as well not even report… unless he wants to work on his shooting. He raised hi s 3pt to 41% but nobody ever wants to keep him.

  19. Kc smoke

    Why didn’t rockets keep levert instead of trading him for a guy who didn’t wanna be there and was checked out like harden but handled it way better plus levert had way better value signed longer to a better contract

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