Rockets Recall Kevin Porter Jr. From G League

Kevin Porter Jr. will make his debut with the Rockets when they resume their season next week. The second-year swingman, who was acquired from the Cavaliers in January, was recalled from the G League today, tweets Shams Charania of The Athletic.

From the time of the trade, Houston laid out a gradual progression for Porter. The 20-year-old showed hints of stardom during his rookie season, but was plagued by legal issues and other off-the-court problems. He wore out his welcome in Cleveland after throwing a tantrum in front of team officials after finding out his locker had been moved.

Porter’s stint in the G League was a huge success, as he averaged 24.1 points, 6.5 rebounds, 7.3 assists and 1.5 steals in 15 games with Rio Grande Valley and was named Player of the Week last week. He helped the Vipers earn a playoff spot, but he won’t be with the team when the postseason begins.

Rockets general manager Rafael Stone told Mark Berman of KRIV in Houston that the plan for Porter has gone just as expected (Twitter link).

“When we acquired him we laid out that we wanted him to play through the break, which he’s done,” Stone said. “We had very specific goals in mind for how we wanted him to play, what we wanted him to try and achieve. We’re extraordinarily happy with him. He did all of that. Part of the plan was for him to rejoin the team post break. We’re going to be able to have one practice. Practice time in the NBA is extraordinarily limited. So he’ll be able to practice with the team and join us. He’s a very young player. He’s a very talented player and hopefully he can contribute.”

Porter hasn’t played in an NBA game since March 4, 2020. The Cavaliers weren’t invited to the NBA restart, and he was held out of the lineup early this season while resolving a legal matter. Porter averaged 10.0 PPG, 3.2 RPG and 2.2 APG in 50 games as a rookie.

The Rockets also recalled KJ Martin from the G League, Berman adds. The rookie forward appeared in seven NBA games earlier this season.

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14 thoughts on “Rockets Recall Kevin Porter Jr. From G League

  1. KnickerbockerAl

    Has a chance with a team that needs young talent to develop. Don’t blow this chance. Learn all you can from Wall.

  2. WSnotAstros2017

    Would be nice to see what he and Martin can do. Hope they stick with the Rockets. It is time to build for future. If Wall is our leader and Wood, Tate, Nwaba, are ones ai do not see gone. Tucker, Gordon, Oladipo probably are. I know VO coming off injury but just is not fitting. Perhaps would elsewhere with more experienced coach. Silas has been assistant more than a head coach plus if DAntoni was still here team may not be in shambles with a 13 game LOSING STREAK

    • WallyWood

      Gordon is still under contract for the next two seasons and it seems like the team plans on keeping him. Porter also has two more years left on his contract as do Wood, Wall, and Tate while Martin has three more left.

      If there’s a silver lining to Nwaba’s recent injury it’s that he should be easier to re-sign after the season. Hopefully they can trade Oladipo and Tucker to get some more young talent to go along with what they already have.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Should trade Gordon for Obrue. He’s 25 yrs old and can play with Wall. Gordon is perfect for Warriors (6th man). Rockets should take best deal for Oladipo. Cause he will walk.

  3. cwr_12

    Hopefully he doesn’t pull any BS while being in the locker room in Houston like he did in Cleveland lol

    • Ridiculous and sad how a young player can try to blowup the opportunity of a lifetime. Not even twenty one years old yet and making over $1 million per season. Wish someone could tell Porter and other young players that you don’t need guns, multiple SUVs, pit bulls, diamonds etc. Don’t get girls pregnant. Hopefully Porter will ‘see the light’.

  4. William naismith

    Pj Tucker is the worst player in the NBA based upon advanced statistics. Stands about 6’4” and plays center in the NBA? A disgrace.

    • Gary G.

      Bro he’s 6-5. Tough as nails. One of the better defensive power forwards in the game.

    • WallyWood

      This is just like last year when he was one of the finalists to make the national team and so many people here couldn’t understand why. The last two years he barely missed out on being 2nd team All-NBA defense by just a couple of votes. So even if he’s not a top-10 defender then he’s top-12 or so.

    • El Don

      @William naismith…
      You just nailed it!
      I couldn’t have put it any better!
      Thank you, Sir!

      • WallyWood

        While it’s true that Tucker is having the worst season of his career, there will still be lots of contenders lining up around to block to get him leading up to the trade deadline. Not a disgrace, he’s iron man.

  5. PiratesFan1981

    I have high hopes for Porter when Rockets obtained him. I don’t think he will be quite like Harden, but I think he has a lot of potential to be a solid guard in the league. It would be nice to see Porter vs Curry and see to potential futures have several years of competitive basketball against one another.

    • Porter is a great talent. Hopefully for the Rockets and Porter himself, Porter will be mature and a professional. The situation is a great opportunity for Porter. Being on the same team with Wall, Oladipo for now, Gordon, Tucker, Wood, House, Nwaba, Tate, McLemore. Understand that the Rockets are having a miserable season.

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