Heat Notes: Dedmon, Stephenson, Iguodala, Portis

When the Heat make the anticipated Dewayne Dedmon signing official, his contract will cover the rest of the season rather than just 10 days, writes Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald. Miami opted for a longer deal, according to Jackson, because it doesn’t expect anyone better to become available on the buyout market. Players who have appeared in at least one NBA game this season must be waived by Friday to be eligible for the postseason with their new team.

The Heat were looking for a big man who would accept not playing every game, which ruled out DeMarcus Cousins, who has since joined the Clippers on a 10-day deal. Jackson lists Ian Mahinmi, Thon Maker, Dewan Hernandez, Skal Labissiere, Tyler ZellerKyle Alexander, Trey Mourning, Kyle O’Quinn, Justin Patton and Anthony Tolliver as some of the names Miami considered before reaching an agreement with Dedmon.

In 2019, Dedmon signed a three-year, $40MM contract with the Kings, but he quickly lost his job as starting center. Poor three-point shooting is a major reason that Sacramento soured on him, Jackson adds, and he was eventually traded to the Hawks and then the Pistons, who released him in November.

The Heat face a deadline to add a 14th player to their roster by Thursday. If Dedmon signs then, his contract will carry a cap hit in the neighborhood of $433K. Miami would be about $314K below the tax line and could add a 15th player later this season without going into luxury tax territory.

There’s more on the Heat, all from Jackson:

  • As Miami considered roster additions, the organization was made aware that Lance Stephenson and Greg Monroe are both hoping to return to the NBA. The Heat got good reports on Stephenson, but they don’t need another wing player and they were looking for more immediate help than Monroe was likely to provide.
  • Some Grizzlies players are still upset about Andre Iguodala‘s decision to remain inactive until Memphis found somewhere to trade him last season. Jackson notes that several Grizzlies felt they had something to prove when they faced Iguodala Monday night.
  • Jackson proposes Bucks forward Bobby Portis as a potential free agent target for Miami this summer. Portis has a $3.8MM player option for next season that he’s expected to decline, and Jackson suggests he could get a $10MM mid-level exception offer as the start of a multiyear deal.
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6 thoughts on “Heat Notes: Dedmon, Stephenson, Iguodala, Portis

  1. WallyWood

    The only player the Rockets will even consider buying out is Dante Exum.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Dedmond is a good pickup at this time for Heat. They need size for playoffs.

    Interesting fact for East playoffs. Knicks are 25 – 27
    for the season. With 20 gms to go. Out of their 27 loses. 11 have been by 5 or less. So yes when they add offense, another 20 scorer. They should take that next step. We have the cap to sign Dinwiddie and Fournier. That’s 34-38 pts more a gm. Don’t get why they didn’t try for Fournier. Celtics didn’t give much for him.

    • x%sure

      Forgot to say how many they have won 5 pts or less or why offense is more of a fix than anything else.

  3. formerlyz

    My list was Noah Vonleh, Thon Maker, Mfiondu Kabengele, and Dedmon, so I’m at least somewhat satisfied. I just hope they can get what he can theoretically give them, more than what he did last year, and preferably more of what he did 3-5 years ago than even what he did 2 years ago.

    I actually think the Heat could use a depth option on the wing, especially in case of injury to someone like Iguodala, but Oladipo can theoretically cover that guard spot and be useful on the wing, so I kind of understand that. Not sure Stephenson would be the main option I’d consider over a couple of others, but he does bring some facsimile to Iguodala’s game when he is at his best, so he would probably be on the list. It was interesting to note the shooting workouts in the article, but there are always reports like that, so even if true, not sure how that necessarily translates…

    The note of them not needing a wing, leads me to think 1 of their 2 way guys will in fact get that upgrade to a standard contract, and get that last spot, but we’ll see

    Talked about Monroe in the thread about him the other day, and he doesnt defend pick and roll. Might have worked for what the Heat had last year, but not sure that would make sense this year, with them being a different team, and after losing Olynyk. He was good for the Celtics and Philly a few years ago though, but if he isnt in shape, that obviously doesnt fit here

    Portis is interesting. He was connected to the Heat when he was drafted, and there were some trade rumors about him years ago as well. I always felt like he had some similarities as a remedial Chris Bosh type, but with no where near the ability defensively. He has shown flashes on that end over the years, but never consistency with that improvement. He is athletic enough where he can still learn, and after what the Heat were able to do with Olynyk, that might be a very enticing possibility. Earlier this year, he definitely was struggling defensively, but admittedly I havent watched much of Milwaukee in a while. He would make sense as someone that can replace the dynamic they lost with Olynyk as a big that can space the floor

  4. buttholesurfer69

    A lot of blasts from the past this article.

    Kind of hard to believe Stephenson is still only 30. Seems like eons ago he was gently blowing into LeBron’s ear lol.

    It’s a little crazy how the league’s hard turn into shoot 3’s or die around 2015-ish literally killed the careers of a lot of promising wings and big men (granted Stephenson had other issues too, but I’d broadly lump him in that category).

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