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Kidd Wants Mid-Level Type Offer

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated tweeted that Mavericks guard Jason Kidd is not interested in playing for the veteran's minimum or a small exception, and that he will retire if he doesn't receive a deal for around the mid-level exception this summer.

Kidd is making a case for his ability to contribute based on his two performances against the Thunder this week. Despite his poor shooting percentages, Kidd has played 36 MPG while averaging 9 PPG, 6 APG, and 6 RPG. 

Yesterday, Marcus Thompson of the Contra Costa Times speculated that the Warriors could explore the possibility of bringing in Kidd (Twitter link). This offseason, Golden State will qualify as an over-the-cap team that would be able to offer the full mid-level. However, if Dallas fails to make a big splash in free agency, I could see them offering Kidd a one-year deal for around the same amount in order to let him finish his career with the Mavericks. 

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8 thoughts on “Kidd Wants Mid-Level Type Offer

  1. Antonio

    Kidd is my favorite pg of all time, and imo one of the top 5 pg’s to ever play the game. I’d rather he retire than bounce around to another team.

  2. Mruckers

    Let Kid go! The reason we lost the first two games is because of long stretches of Kid. More Roddie B!

  3. Swpacer

    Kidd is good at defense (steal, rebd), and lots of experience to play under stress games. He is worth the mid-level salary, and I’m sure Mark Cuban knows that.

  4. Robert Brock1025

    Mark Cuban couldn’t find his ass with both hands, and as far as making good decisions, well the mistakes of this year speak for themselves once again when you have a honest to goodness championship club u don’t destroy them just because its business, that’s what losers do I thought he was a winner, perhaps to much celebrating after the fact, if u think the Mavs fans were happy all u had to do was read the news papers or blog about their expendable former center yep this is another fine mess Cuban got us into what next.

    • Totally missing Chandler,Stevenson and JJ!

      • dc21892

        Even though Caron Butler got hurt for them last year, they still could have used him this year also.

  5. MavsFFF

    The Mavs were so eager to get rid of Chandler in an attempt to “possibley” get Howard who knows what they will do with Kidd. I hope he stays and they don’t let him go in the hopes that they will get Darrin Williams.

  6. 49jbert

    I laugh so hard at the incredible players and how they whine over the money. Jason is at 25 million for 3 years. Are we having trouble with gas near $4.00. How much we will pay for our entertainment. Why not give up 50 million for 3 years and up hot dog prices to $100.00. At these prices we sure cannot say it’s just a game.

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