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Celtics Re-Sign Brandon Bass

JULY 14, 1:05pm: The signing is now official, according to the team.

JULY 5, 7:38pm: Bass' deal with the Celtics is worth $20MM, writes Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald.

2:59pm: Brandon Bass will be returning to Boston, as Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald reports that Bass and the Celtics have agreed to a three-year contract. Bass had opted out of the final year of his previous contract last month in search of a multiyear deal.

When the Celtics kicked off the offseason by agreeing to re-sign Kevin Garnett and committing their mid-level exception to Jason Terry, it became clear that the team didn't intend to renounce its free agents and make use of its cap space this summer. As such, re-signing their own free agents makes the most sense for the Celtics, so Bass' return is no surprise. The C's are also said to be closing in on a deal with Jeff Green.

Bass, 27, averaged 12.5 points and 6.2 rebounds in 31.7 minutes per game for the Celtics in 2011/12. He reportedly drew interest from the Pacers, Nets, Mavericks, Heat, Knicks, and Hawks this week.


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12 thoughts on “Celtics Re-Sign Brandon Bass

  1. weezy f baby

    how much per year?

    • Codexhammurabi

      This is a sign and trade contract if I’ve ever seen one. Look for a possible deal to move him with this very cap attractive contract. Good player for the celtics but his value increases with this deal.

  2. Austin

    I dont like this deal. I like bass but we drafted 2 PF’s in the last 2 drafts plus we already have KG. Jared Sullinger is already NBA ready and was a possible top 5 pick and he’s gonna be learning from KG. Now we have a logjam at the 4

    • Jessebemail

      I sort of agree, not because I don’t like Bass but because he have plenty of PF’s. Also, wouldn’t a sign and trade have been more efficient? Bass wanted a bunch of money that we don’t have an abundance of. Still, Bass is a great player who I like to watch play, so it’s not that bad.

      • Ricky

        They have plenty of money when it comes to bringing back their own guys.

    • Fstuffup

      Injuries always occur especially for an old team like the celtics, plus he can play C if needed and you can never have enough bigs. He played really well last year the celtics would have made a mistake letting him go

    • mcody28

      just so you know melo is a 5 who probably wont play much because he is raw and kg has been playing the 5. this will probably be bass at 4 kg at 5 with juan johnson and sullinger off the bench. you can never have too much big men

  3. Gunnerw22

    I live this deal. Brandon Bass was a good offensive spark and got it done on the defensive end. He is the role player they need to play along with Rondo and KG

  4. Old Coach

    Huge signing for Celts. The guy can play and knows the system. Bass and Sullenger can play at the same time if needed. Bass at this time is a bigger signing than Ray Allen who head might just be too big to walk through that door.

  5. Tre2411

    Too much but not many other options… if any.

  6. RFsnapple

    I really don’t think they overpaid. Bass is pretty consistent with what he does – solid rebounding and a nice little jumpshot.

  7. Bill Rybarczyk

    I can see the possibility of a sign and trade involving Bass but don’t think it’ll happen. Ainge is putting together a veteran team and Bass fits right into the scheme. If Allen and Green sign, and possibly Stiemsma, Rivers will have a great opportunity to lead this team to the Finals. I only say re-sign Stiemsma because he knows the system and he would take the pressure off Melo to perform right away. Drafting Sullinger puts pressure on JuJuan Johnson to step up. Johnson wasn’t a factor last year because of inconsistency and his contract is only guaranteed through this year.

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