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Magic, Lakers, Cavs Mulling Howard, Bynum Deal

SUNDAY, 8:48am: High-ranking officials from the teams involved in a potential Howard trade tell Amico that the Cavs have walked away from the deal again, ending all recent talks (Twitter link).

SATURDAY, 9:12pm: Magic general manager Rob Hennigan wants to build his team in a similar fashion to how the Thunder were constructed, writes Kennedy (via Twitter). This plan would require Orlando to acquire multiple lottery picks and successfully draft players who would turn into superstars. 

7:07pm: The Magic prefer draft picks and young prospects as the team is not interested in making the playoffs as an 8th seed, tweets Kennedy. Orlando hopes to completely rebuild its roster if the team trades Howard. 

6:41pm: The Cavs are seeking assurances from Bynum that the big man would sign an extension with the team before talks intensify, says Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio (Sulia link).

5:02pm: Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal says that while it makes sense the Cavs have entered the discussion again given their involvement in the rumored Howard/Nets deal last week, the Cavs and Magic would both be looking for draft picks as part of the deal, and the Lakers don't have any to spare (Sulia link).

4:22pm: The Lakers, Magic and Cavs have discussed a three-team deal that would send Dwight Howard to L.A., Andrew Bynum to Cleveland and provide the Magic with draft picks, prospects and cap relief, Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld reports (Twitter links). Details are scarce and the situation is fluid, but the deal would make sense, says fellow HoopsWorld scribe Steve Kyler, especially if Bynum winds up in Cleveland, since the Magic prefer to acquire other assets instead of another veteran center (Twitter links).

Both the Rockets and the Lakers continue to pursue D12 and have been in contact with the Magic, Kennedy says, via Twitter. An earlier report by David Pingalore of local TV affiliate WKMG in Orlando suggested that a deal between the Lakers and Magic was in place and would be announced shortly, though Kyler suggests such reports might have been leaked to entice the Rockets to up their offer, and said he did not think a deal with the Lakers would be announced this week (Twitter links).

Kennedy said it's hard to tell whether the Rockets or Lakers are in the lead for Howard's services as the Magic weigh all their options (Twitter link). Kyler tweets that the Lakers' willingness to take on Jason Richardson's contract is appealing to Orlando, but the Magic still want more relief. Former Magic director of player development Adonal Foyle told Kyler yesterday he believes the Magic will wind up trading Howard to the Rockets, since they're the only team willing to take on Orlando's unfavorable contracts (Twitter links). 


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35 thoughts on “Magic, Lakers, Cavs Mulling Howard, Bynum Deal

  1. Twinks

    cavs would be auto playoff team

    • Jerry

      especialyy if they can land Scola

    • chris_synan1

      haha..funniest thing I have heard all week…highly doubt it

      • Allpaul

        Haha, Chris!! I think I heard that one on the Tonight show last night!! You’re so funny? I bet people tell you that all the time, right? That you’re hilarious?

    • NAPosey

      For 1 year . . . Bynum going to sign an extension with the horrible Cavs without their own picks . . . doubt it

      • chris hines

        Reports say he’d go there and a 1-2 punk of Irving and Bynum both under 25 is deadly going forward.

  2. thebigbangdito


  3. Merch

    The Cavs have no prospects, Hennigan for Worst GM of the last 3 years

    • Jerry

      besides the untouchable (Kyrie Irving) they have Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters, Tyler Zeller, and Alonzo Gee, along with boatloads of draft picks

      • Merch

        Hennigan is a idiot, and all those players aren’t that great. Bad #4 picks, 2 years in a row….idiots….lots of them out there

        • chris hines

          If you can get two or 3 firsts from Cleveland, Thompson and maybe Waiters, dump Turkoglu, Duhon, and Richardson between Cleveland and the Lakers, and get Ebanks from LA you have to think about it.

          • dc21892

            Cavs aren’t going to give up Waiters. Maybe Thompson now that they have Zeller.

    • thebigbangdito

      Receive: howard
      Give: prospect/draft to orlando

      Receive: bynum
      Give: takes salary relief from orlando
      multiple draft picks to orlando

      Receive: prospects/draft picks from lakers
      Multiple draft picks from cleveland
      Give: howard to lakers

      • NAPosey

        Sounds like a bad deal for Orlando and Cleveland, why doen’t they just trade for Al Horford? Good young center on a 5 year deal (don’t have to worry about him leaving) who’s got a history in Florida. Get that along with Teague and picks, sounds like a better deal than this to me.

        • chris hines

          Because Orlando doesn’t want a player like Horford or Bynum back, they want picks and young prospects on cheap contracts.

          • Guest82

            There’s going to be a certain point when “What Orlando *wants*” will no longer matter – what’s going to end up happening is Howard will walk at the end of the year (circa Shaq, 1996) as an UFA – because it doesn’t seem as though they’ll be able to get a ‘sign and trade’ either when Orlando wants to unload all of their crap contracts along w/ Howard to anyone that even shows a hint of interest.

  4. Hector Cortes

    Houston/Orlando deal still makes way more sense for the Magic period the Rockets have way more assets then any other team in the league right now for a big trade.

  5. The Cavs could offer Boobie Gibsons expiring contract and perhaps take Hedo Turkoglu plus some picks as Part of the deal. If they were able to keep Waiters, Zeller and Gee and offer Tristan Thompson in this deal they would have a solid nucleus to work with. Or swap Thompson for Zeller. With a deal like this, the Lakers would be an instant force with Gasol, Howard, Nash, Kobe and Metta World Peace (providing they keep all.) Tho the Cavs would be a force in a year or so with some more good pieces added.

    • Take Hedo and offer some picks. They could trade Varejao (if they land Scola) for picks or other assets.

  6. HaloeD

    did howard all the sudden change his mind on a contract extension??? d12 for 1 year would be a bad trade considering the amount of potential bynum has. bynum has a horrible attitude with a huge upside. if bynum can man up, he’d could be a huge star

    • frank baumgartner


  7. dc21892

    I would love to see Cleveland land Bynum.

  8. mgsports

    Harrison Barnes is Cleveland and Walters is on Golden State.
    Magic need Gibson because he like Nate Robinson and starting C/PF.

    • frazzles


    • Sky14

      You have it backwards.

    • dc21892


  9. frazzles

    The bigger story is whether or not Luke Walton will have a different bench to warm when the season starts.

  10. Sky14

    I could see why Howard would be concerned about signing a long term extension with the Lakers. All their best players are pretty old in Nash, Kobe, and Gasol. It would give him a small window to win a championship but it would be a very good shot for a year or two. After that it would just be him and the Lakers would be limited to build around him considering they do not have many draft picks.

    • Tomk777

      But without Kobe, 27 million, Gasol, 19 million, and Nash, 11 million, they would suddenly have cap space to sign that years free agents. Fifty seven million gets you some talent.

      • chris hines

        Don’t forget Metta World Peace’s 7.2 million dollar contract expires at the same time as Gasol’s.

  11. Does Cleveland really think they deserve picks when they are getting Bynum for a bunch of young players and picks. With the young players they have(besides Irving) they truly aren’t giving up that much.

    • Sky14

      They are taking on a lot of salary plus they have some leverage if the Lakers want to get a deal done.

  12. djericho

    dwight messed up signing the 1yr. should have forced trade before Brooklyn did their signings. Now he’s getting the same team he had in Orlando in Houston for a year at least.

    • It’s not the same team. It’s only him, richardson, and Davis. And its a completely new organization. Some people need to read

  13. Lindasngltn

    Dwight messed up being indecisive … if you are going to put yourself out on Front Street, then you need to back it up with your actions and not just give off body language. He should have left Orlando when he had the chance, but instead, he signed to stay … this brought on a whole new situation that allowed him to be in the mess he is in now. This is the same thing that is going to happen if the Lakers forfeit Bynum … they are going to come out like Orlando has. Howard is really not 100% with the back surgery and may not even be able to start the season. The Lakers need to fix their bench, keep Bynum, because if Orlando gets Bynum, they are going to make it Bynum’s team, even though Bynum says he will not sign an extension. It is tough all the way around because you have two dissatisfied players and that is not good for team chemistry. Dwight throws a stick and then hides his hand. He won’t come clean and say what it really is because any team that gets him are going to give up way too much. Lakers need to stay put and get other strong players for the bench and let Dwight land where he may. He is his own trouble. He doesn’t want to come to LA … so let it go.

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