Poll: Who Is The NBA’s MVP So Far?

November 17 2012 at 10:04pm CDT By Michael Pina

Granted, we're only about an eighth of the way through the 2012/13 season, but enough basketball has been played to gauge how well some of the league's stars are impacting their teams. Who do you think is the MVP so far?

5 thoughts on “Poll: Who Is The NBA’s MVP So Far?

  1. Doesn’t include a Kobe shooting 53% averaging 26.9ppg 4.8apg 5.1rpg. Right………….. this site is not biased at all

    1. Why would it? His team is 4-5. It’s “Most VALUABLE Player”, not “Player With the Best Stats”.

      Miami – 8-3
      Memphis 8-1
      Knicks – 6-1
      Clipper – 7-2
      Boston – 6-4
      See a trend?

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