Hoops Links: Wroten, Asik, Dwight

December 22 2013 at 6:59pm CDT By Zach Links

On this date in 1949, in his 13th game as a Celtic, Tony Lavelli scored 26 points as Boston beat the Minneapolis Lakers, who were on their way to a second straight NBA title.  At halftime, the versatile Lavelli treated the 5,206 fans at Boston Garden to an accordion mini-concert, one of about two dozen performances he gave around the league for which he was paid $125 per concert by the NBA.

Here at Hoops Links, we wish Shaquille O’Neal would have done the same with rap concerts during his playing career.  Got a great basketball blog post that you think is Hoops Links worthy?  Send it to me at HoopsLinks@gmail.com.  This week’s links..

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