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Warriors May Seek To Deal Andrew Bogut

The Warriors are growing increasingly frustrated with the unreliability of Andrew Bogut and may look to trade the center this offseason, Monte Poole of relays. Golden State may need to clear cap space for a pursuit of unrestricted free agent Kevin Durant and Bogut is the player the team most prefers to part ways with if the need arises, Poole adds. But even if Durant doesn’t join the team, the Warriors may still explore the possibility trading Bogut.

Golden State has grown weary of Bogut’s propensity for injuries, but the team is also not pleased with the production it received from the big man during the postseason when he was on the court, Poole notes. In 52 minutes over the first four games of The Finals, Bogut snagged just 12 rebounds, while Cavs big man Tristan Thompson, who during the same span played 110 minutes, grabbed 37 rebounds and backup center Timofey Mozgov grabbed seven rebounds in 21 minutes, Poole writes. Bogut was sidelined the final two games due to a bone bruise. The team is also displeased with Bogut’s lack of aggressiveness on the offense end, which is something other NBA teams have begun to exploit, according to the scribe.

Bogut, who is entering the final year of his contract, is set to earn $12,681,081 in 2016/17. He appeared in 70 games for the Warriors this season and averaged 5.4 points, 7.0 rebounds and 1.6 blocks in 20.7 minutes per outing. His shooting line was .627/1.000/.480.

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22 thoughts on “Warriors May Seek To Deal Andrew Bogut

  1. 333ddd1

    Good. By far weakest warrior starter.

    • Agreed…Who would want him though?

      • Jeremy

        knicks should look into it if it means they aren’t giving up anything

      • Z.....

        1 year at that price of a really good defensive center that can rebound, and pass well enough to run some offense through him at times out of the high post? Probably the same teams thinking of paying certain others a lot more

      • 333ddd1

        He could be a good bench player to come off and protect the lead. Offensively terrible though. He’s still starter caliber in many teams, but if the Warriors want to upgrade starting 5 center is where to do it

    • I mean he was obviously the weakest starter, but he did exactly what they wanted him to out of that spot. Also calling a guy their weakest starter when the team has the league MVP, a top 3 SG, and one of the best two-way players in the league doesn’t really mean much.

      • 333ddd1

        Sure, but if they want to upgrade the roster why not start there?

  2. Steve in Chicago

    They should just change his name to Bogus. He is outplayed by second string opponents. Who would take him? Sixers have a bounty of bigs, but maybe they would swap Okafor for Bogus as part of a sign and trade for Barnes. Otherwise only Dallas seems desperate enough to pay this much for lame production. Nix might take a chance shuttling the walking dead of Bogus and Noah at center.

    • nothingfunnythistime

      I was thinking this too, bogut & barnes for okafor and maybe covington. pretty sure the sixers could afford to waive him too.

    • Barnes and bogut for okafor? Are you joking?

      • nothingfunnythistime

        sign and trade numb nuts. if harrison ends up signing with the sixers anyway then yeah, that would be a decent trade. Okafor would be great in golden state. sixers dont need him. bogut would give them a veteran guy on the bench. it’s either that or noel, and okafor has a longer contract. this is also hypothetical so don’t get so mad bruuuh

  3. Z.....

    Obvious if they want the room for Durant, or Batum…I’ve said that for 2 years. He has always been injury prone, and that has hurt the Warriors a couple of times in the past, but I don’t think I can put the injury in the finals on him. It was either bad luck or JR Smith took out his leg on purpose. On the defensive end, he makes up for their mistakes on the perimeter, as it gives them another rim protector with Draymond Green. In general, he helps the Warriors play big when they need to. I agree with his lack of aggressiveness at times on the offensive end though. Still, the Warriors didn’t help themselves much in the finals by playing Varejao. That’s their own fault. They hadn’t made mistakes with their rotations like that in the past. It’s almost like when Spo stopped using Shane Batter against the Spurs

  4. Jimmy Turner

    Bogut was no different this year than he was the last two seasons prior. Last year he saw few minutes in the Finals after Game 3. This past Finals, he was ineffective until injury shut him down. I do think Dubs missed his rim protection threat in Game 7. Bottom line, Dubs shouldn’t bad-mouth a guy they are trying to move

  5. Chris815

    If Durant is going to sign with warriors they will have to let Barnes go, trade both bogut, and Livingston well I have trade that will work and help them sign him and still get player back to help
    It a 5 team block buster trade . And it does work under the cap. It’s between the warriors, lackers, Kings, 76,s, and wizards

    Warriors would get:
    Willie Cauley -Stein
    Caron butler-
    Hollis Thompson
    Drew gooden – team option
    2- 2 round picks 2017 and 2022

    Lackers would get
    Andrew Boguts
    Shawn Livingston
    Draft rights to Aaron white

    Kings would get:
    Harrison Barnes
    Markieff Morris
    Nick young
    Jahili okafor
    2 first round picks . 2017 from warriors, and 2019 from wizards

    76’s would get
    Jordan clarkson
    Ben mcLemore
    Marin gortat
    Jerrell Eddie

    Wizards get
    Demarcus cousins
    Seth curry ( sign and trade
    Isaiah cousins
    Nerlens Noel
    That fare trade and Durant would have to sign with warrior for this to happen but it does work

    • ChadSmooth

      Worst trade proposal ever.

      • Bobby Sweet

        I’d say it’s tied for worst with literally every other proposal ever posted in the comments on this family of sites.

    • Connorsoxfan

      I love this guy’s trades. There’s also the famous Wizards getting Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins that breaks every trading regulation ever and involves like 8 teams…

    • How about
      Warriors get Cousins
      Kings get Bogut, Barnes, Noel
      Sixes get Livingston

  6. Chris815

    Bye the way I wish you people stop making your commits says I have to much time on my hands . First off most of time I figure out these trade with in 10 to 20 mins , and second I have iq of 148 so my mind thinks faster, and different then most of you. 3rd when I make a trade , I don’t think as it as fan. I make it as gm or owner, Does this trade make since is it some equal. And at end of the day does this trade help me get where I want to be . Does this trade one make Financial since and second does hit help me win know and in the future

    • Cipher

      you mentioned you made those trades as a GM/owner.
      Do you really think any sane GM/owner would give up Okafor and Noel to just get a few rotational pieces? not to mention those pieces are not that good too.
      Next, Wizards giving up mainly morris, gortat, and a pick could net them not only Cousins but Noel too? Please wake up your idea.
      I dont even want to get thru with how lopsided this trade is for all teams. This is extremely unrealistic and not fair at all. YOur IQ is 148? you cannot even spell properly. More like your delusional. Please check in to your closest mental health institute.

      • GabeOfThrones

        That’s the most insane fake trade I’ve ever seen. How do you not realize that halfway through typing it?

    • Connorsoxfan

      An IQ of 148 wouldn’t come up with insane stuff like this…

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