Players Eligible For Rookie Scale Extensions In 2017

July 1 marks the start of the NBA’s new league year. At that point, players eligible for free agency will be able to begin negotiating and reaching contract agreements with suitors. In addition to those free agents, another group of players will also become eligible to sign new deals.

For players who are entering the fourth and final year of their rookie scale contracts, July 1 is the first day that they can sign rookie scale extensions. Those players, who are – for the most part – 2014 first-round selections, will have until the start of the 2017/18 regular season to finalize long-term deals with their current teams.

Players eligible for rookie scale extensions can sign new deals that run at least four years, with those contracts taking effect to start the 2018/19 season. If they don’t sign extensions during this offseason, those players will be eligible for restricted free agency in the summer of 2018.

A year ago, eight players eligible for rookie scale extensions signed new deals between July 1 and October 31. Here are the players eligible to sign rookie scale extensions this year, beginning on July 1:

The following players were selected in the first round of the 2014 draft along with most of the players above, but aren’t eligible for rookie-scale extensions this year:

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8 thoughts on “Players Eligible For Rookie Scale Extensions In 2017

  1. Corleone

    T.J Warren is a Beast and I think The Suns have a bright future with him Booker Chriss and potentially Fox and I hope Jackson !!!

    Suns need only a Big Center ala Drummond or Whiteside

  2. GuruGray

    Minnesota will have an interesting decision to make. I expect them to workout a max extension with Wiggins and wait on Lavine while he recovers. Lavine might be a player worth exploring the trade market for. It will be tough to give close to max deals to him, Wiggins and KAT and I’m not convinced Lavine is a great long term solution for them.

    • WolfPack

      A lot of Wolves reporters say LaVine has a great work ethic, and it’s easy to believe. He was raw when Flip drafted him and turned into a great scorer. I’m scared to see him traded and then turn out to be a perennial All-Star.

      • GuruGray

        I didn’t know that about his work ethic, but it has definitely shown in his development between his 2nd and 3rd year. I would have the same concerns if I was a Wolves fan, but I don’t think they should commit 70-75% of the cap to three ball dominant players and Wiggins and KAT aren’t going anywhere

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