Kyrie Irving To Decline 2019/20 Player Option

As expected, Kyrie Irving won’t exercise his player option for the 2019/20 season, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic (via Twitter). Opting in would have ensured that Irving was under contract with the Celtics next season for $21,329,752. Instead, he’ll reach the open market as an unrestricted free agent.

Irving reportedly had a June 13 deadline for picking up his player option. As Charania notes (via Twitter), the star point guard doesn’t technically have to submit any paperwork to turn down the option, so he’ll simply let that deadline pass without taking any action.

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Irving, 27, put up excellent numbers in Boston this past season, averaging a team-high 23.8 PPG to go along with career-highs in APG (6.9) and RPG (5.0). He shot 48.7% from the field, including 40.1% from beyond the three-point line, earning a spot on the All-NBA Second Team.

Despite his impressive individual stats, it was a tumultuous year for Irving and the Celtics, who didn’t meet preseason expectations and faced frequent questions about team chemistry. After publicly vowing last fall to re-sign with the Celtics at season’s end, Irving wavered on that stance over the course of the year and called out teammates in comments to the media when the club struggled.

Following Boston’s second-round elimination at the hands of the Bucks, the idea of Irving re-signing with the Celtics increasingly appeared to be a long shot. He has been repeatedly linked to the Knicks throughout the season, with the Nets emerging as the favorite in recent weeks. Teams monitoring the situation currently view Brooklyn as Irving’s most likely destination, Ian Begley of reiterated today.

Still, while the Celtics appear to be preparing for life without Kyrie, they also haven’t entirely given up on the idea of re-signing him, according to a Tuesday report. It’s also not clear if – or how – Kevin Durant‘s Achilles injury may impact Irving’s plans. There were rumors throughout the year that the two friends may look to team up for the Knicks or another club.

The Celtics could offer Irving a five-year deal worth up to a projected $189.7MM, while a rival team could max out at $140.6MM.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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25 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving To Decline 2019/20 Player Option

  1. imindless

    Celtics fan awfully quiet from the peanut gallery. When you thought you summer was gonna be getting ad and resigning kyrie and instead is looking like conley/kemba and hayward lol

    • tmoney233

      We still have the best trade package for AD and Kyrie’s not gonna wanna pair up with a broken KD. Nothing has changed.

      • Everything changed. The agent said Anthony Davis will not re-sign in Boston. Danny strAinge will not trade assets for a 1-year rental like that.

      • imindless

        Kyrie is going to nets or to la with lebron. Mark it down. Ad either gets traded and walks and celtics have no youngsters and no star either way its a win.

      • knickscavsfan

        The Knicks #4 and the Lakers #4 are better than the Celts collection of mid-first round picks. Also, the players that the Lakers were said to offer are better than one of Brown or Tatum. I would be shocked if Ainge offered both. It’s all a moot point tho since AD made it known he wouldn’t go to Boston unless Kyrie was still there.

      • kenleyfornia2

        AD dont want to play for you. So go ahead trade Tatum for 1 year of AD.

      • imindless

        Do any of your posts actually bring anything to this forum? I guess ignorance is bliss

    • alonsoball

      Oh, poor Celtics…A team stacked with young talent and good veterans, and elite young coach, and the Master of Fleecers at the GM position. Not to mention the 478 first rounders they have coming in the future. They must be feeling really bad…

  2. Skip, Tampa

    Celtics not getting AD is not a big deal. Losing Irving ditto.
    A 3 team deal with Rockets and Heat sends Capela to Celtics and Hayward the Heat. Horford on new 3/$54M, Sign Russell then cut Rozier loose.
    AD is a great player. He’s not the be all, end all fix for a team.

    • imindless

      Lmao celtics fans have been clamoring for ad for 3 years and now when they realize they have no chance they change there tune to he is not that good we dont need him! Lmao im dying of laughter!

      • Curtisrowe

        Now I see what you mean about adding something to the forum. Instead of writing “AHAHAHAH” I need to write “lmao” twice and also mention that I am dying of laughter.

        Very cerebral.

    • Senioreditor

      No, not happening, none of that. The more likely thing is that Boston swings and misses this off season and trades for a secondary player to compliment what they currently have.

    • knickscavsfan

      And exactly what would the Rockets get in return for Capela? They want a play-making wing or big and you didn’t mention either going to Houston.

      Irving > Russell

      That being said, if Irving, Hayward and Rozier were with the Celts and they didn’t get it done (make it to the ECF let alone the Finals) then why would a Celts team minus those 3 + Russell fair any better?

  3. Declining his option was a given, whether he was coming back or not. Ainge, unlike many Celtic fans, understands that KI is his only AS level player and is still trying to keep him. If they lose him, they’re worse off, regardless of what other moves they make.

  4. hoosierhysteria

    Kyrie: enjoy your penthouse in Newark. AD goes to knicks. Ainge doesn’t shop at United rentals.

    • knickscavsfan

      Ummm….actually they do. They were expecting Kyrie to stay and instead he was a 2 year rental. Sooo…

  5. Boston2AZ

    OK, guys. One part down, one more (KI signing somewhere OTHER than Boston) to go!

  6. Guest617

    ainge doesn’t play checkers – he does have a secret man crush on rj barrett.. knicks shopping their pick? c’s have a treasure trove of assets

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