Eastern Rumors: Millsap, Celtics, Hayward, Crowder

The Celtics are showing “strong interest” in signing veteran big man Paul Millsap, league sources tell Jared Weiss of The Athletic (Twitter link). Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe (Twitter link) hears from his own source that Boston is currently at the top of Millsap’s list as he weighs his options. A decision is expected later today, Himmelsbach adds.

While the Celtics aren’t expected to create any cap room as a result of Gordon Hayward‘s departure, the team now has some added cap flexibility to make sign-and-trade and/or use its full mid-level exception, opening up a few options in free agency.

Here are a few more notes from around the East:

  • Speaking of Hayward, Hornets owner Michael Jordan called the veteran forward late last night in an effort to close the deal for Charlotte, according to ESPN’s Zach Lowe (Twitter link). Jordan’s pitch must have been effective, though the $120MM the Hornets will apparently pay Hayward over the next four years probably didn’t hurt either.
  • The Heat offered Jae Crowder a two-year deal that would have paid him $14MM in 2020/21, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald (Twitter link). However, Miami wasn’t willing to guarantee any money beyond the first year, so Crowder opted for the Suns’ three-year, $30MM offer, which will pay him less in year one but is worth significantly more overall.
  • In a column for The Athletic, David Aldridge contends that Wizards owner Ted Leonsis must decide if the franchise wants to build around John Wall and Bradley Beal and then trade the odd man out. While Aldridge’s argument makes some sense, it seems obvious that Beal would be the team’s choice and that trading Wall won’t exactly be easy.
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22 thoughts on “Eastern Rumors: Millsap, Celtics, Hayward, Crowder

  1. case7187

    Won’t be a bad sign for the C’s (I’m sure Danny will blow it) but it wouldn’t be enough

  2. Ironmonger835

    Ainge blew that Hayward deal. Pacers would’ve done the sign and trade for Turner and McDermott. Now they got nothing. Lol

    • jkoms57

      How long is Myles Turners deal?

      Might be a better option to sign Millsap etc for 1 year deal

      • BStevens

        I agree . Danny didn’t kill the deal . The 30 million a year killed the deal.

    • T-Dawg

      Ainge only blew the Pacers deal if Hayward was willing to sign with the Pacers for a mutually agreed upon amount. In the end the Pacers, and Hayward couldn’t agree on a deal! Therefore the trade with the Indiana Pacers who needed to trade salary to fit Hayward’s new contract in didn’t happen!

  3. onthebucks

    Neutralizing Anthony Davis is what has to be done to beat the Lakers and become champs in 2021. Paul Millsap won’t be able to do that any better than Daniel Theis who has been unable do it. If the Celtics want to become champs, they need to acquire free agent Hassan Whiteside. Count Blockula will get the Celtics a double double every night and help them win their next championship.

      • onthebucks

        Ainge should be able to able to work something out. Trading Walker might not sound popular but he might be the most expendable player on the Celtics and trading him would open up a lot of salary space. If the Celtics can’t figure out any other way to improve at center, they should trade for Jarrett Allen of the Nets, who is available, would fit in with the Celtics nicely, and be inexpensive.

        • case7187

          Are you saying the C’s should trade Walker so they can sign Whiteside? I’d on hope I’m reading this wrong

          In what world would that be a good idea and the last thing they need is more youth they need vet leadership and bench scoring

          • slapnuts

            In the world where overpaid, defensive liability PG are needed to be competitive. The Cs are a playoff team with it without Kenna. What they need most is an interior presence to bang with/defend the likes of Adabeyo, Giannis, Embid, and AD

          • onthebucks

            Kemba Walker is a great player, but he’s also the most expendable player of the Celtics starting 5. The Celtics absolutely need Tatum, Brown, and Smart. Walker can help the Celtics win most of their games but he is not the difference the Celtics need to beat the Lakers and win a championship. To do this, the Celtics need a dominant center. I would absolutely trade Walker for Drummond or to another team to free up salary space for Whiteside. Smart is an effective point guard and the Celtics have a ton of perimeter shooters.

  4. onthebucks

    Ibaka would definitely be an upgrade at center. A sleeper would be Jarrett Allen of the Nets.

  5. Dxit90a

    Maybe Celtics can give a chance for Noel and see if he developed and can play as a starter . He showed some good progress last year

    • Luckylefty2

      You can never trust a man that turns down 70 million dollars. Unfortunately Noel is best suited as a backup. He literally is the same player as he was at Kentucky.

  6. Luckylefty2

    Maybe a baynes & Boston reunion ?? Why not ? They lost their only bruiser(kanter). Baynes is a much improved shooter also.

  7. formerlyz

    not going to pretend I’m not salty the Heat lost Crowder in such a dumb way, for such a small difference. I get wanting multiyear money, especially coming off an insanely team friendly contract the last 5 years, but the Heat were obviously going to take care of him. Also, 1 year 14 million suggests that even if the Heat wouldnt have given him a strong multiyear deal next year, someone else would have definitely beaten the $30 million total he signed for these next 3 years

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