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Dwight Howard Rumors: Thursday

While reports yesterday suggested that the Magic had suspended Dwight Howard trade talks while they search for a new head coach, it appears the team is still willing to listen to new offers. However, those offers likely won't be coming from the Nets for a while. After Brooklyn agreed to re-sign Brook Lopez to a four-year, maximum-salary contract, it took the team's top trade chip from the trade block until at least January 15th, at which point he's eligible to be traded again. Who knows if Howard will still be in Orlando by that point, but here's the latest on the Magic's star center:

  • Although Howard remains Houston's number one priority, Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld tweeted earlier that acquiring Andrew Bynum in a three-way deal with Orlando and the Lakers is the designated back up plan. 
  • Interestingly enough, ESPN's Marc Stein retweeted a follower who recognized that the Rockets' official Twitter account decided to follow Dwight Howard, Chris Duhon, Glen Davis, and Jason Richardson as of tonight. 
  • John Denton of says that according to GM Rob Hennigan, there is nothing imminent in Howard trade talks. 

Earlier updates:

  • The Rockets aren't giving up on acquiring Howard and are hoping to emerge as the frontrunners with the Nets out of the picture, writes Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld. According to Kennedy, the Magic and Rockets have discussed "a number of scenarios," all of which would give Orlando draft picks, young players, and cap relief.
  • GM Rob Hennigan called Howard last night to ask if he'd reconsider his trade request and give the new Magic regime a chance to keep him in Orlando, according to Ric Bucher of However, D12 was unwilling to change his stance, says Bucher.
  • Talks with the Rockets grew "serious" at one point on Wednesday, but the Magic backed off to consider their options, says Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle. As we heard last night, Houston is considering the possibility of amnestying Luis Scola to create more cap room for a Howard blockbuster.
  • With the Nets likely out as trade partners until January, the Magic have lost a good deal of leverage, writes Ken Berger of


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23 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Rumors: Thursday

  1. Randolph

    Hey Warriors, you could have resigned Lin and used Monta or Curry for trade bate to acquire Howard.

    PG Curry / Lin
    SG Lin / Ellis
    C Howard
    SF Wright
    PF Lee

    But who knew Curry would be in and out of the line up. And if the Warriors really knew what they had in Lin, of course they would have kept him and signed him for next to nothing.

    • Fstuffup

      I really can’t see him resigning is golden state tho

  2. Gonzalesv

    why would they amnesty scola .. couldnt they just trade him for a pick or non guarenteed contracts ..

    • Bobby

      That’s what they’ve been trying to do, so apparently not.

      • BrickTops

        In a different situation, teams would probably give up a pick for Scola, but it is no secret what the Rockets goal is so they have lost there leverage. This is why teams try to keep trades secret.

        • Gonzalesv

          i got to belive the nets would rather have scola then jamison .. so what about scola for marshon brooks/humphries .. and you coud give nets some 2nd round picks and or some of the young guys they got from bucks or knicks ..

          • Mr.404

            Problem is that the Rockets want to keep their picks for the Howard trade.

          • Gonzalesv

            2nd round picks .. i dont think orlando wants those .. im sure they want the pick from toronto and maybe 2 of houstons .. along with patterson or jones and k mart maybe royce white ..


    Scola to the warriors for Biedrins/Jefferson and a draft pick? Thoughts on that?

    • Gonzalesv

      jefferson is a turd … if he couldnt work on the spurs i doubt he can work anywhere and once his deal is up he will have to play overseas like marbury and francis ..

      • alphakira

        Marbury CHOSE to work in China (and won a championship at that). Jefferson will still have a place in the NBA, albeit as a role player.

        • Gonzalesv

          marbury was black listed by the nba .. cause he was a super turd ..

  4. Gonzalesv

    i dont understand what deal the magic are waiting for .. i mean they went through this last season and this offseason .. there is no lebron for dwight deal to be made .. is there any truth to the rumor that dwight opted last year because he was about to be traded to the rockets so instead he opted into his last year

    • dc21892

      If they hold out any longer, they won’t get anything but matching salaries in a deal for Howard. His stock is rapidly falling for a player who is as dominant at his position as anyone in the game. Howard keeps crying to go to Brooklyn, and other teams see that and will take advantage when it comes time to get a deal done.

      • alphakira

        Or they may get him back for the long term. It sounds like that’s what they’re hoping for.

  5. Gonzalesv

    i heard the reason dwight used his option for this year was becaue he was about to be traded to houston last season and choose to stick it out with the magic instead .. wonder if thats legit .

    • Guest

      If you keep saying it, it might become true.

  6. Hector Cortes

    Rockets makes all too much sense for the Magic and they really should get it done already…

  7. Jameer Nelson

    D12 is baby stop crying, u shouldnt have sign the contract to stay another year and then immeadiatly demand trade … just leave

  8. Michael Jenkins

    Maybe if my Suns follow LeBron on twitter tonight they will get him tomorrow. :)

  9. BrickTops

    As a Rockets Fan I would rather take and build around Bynum if possible.

    • alphakira

      Why? He’s clearly inferior and is just as immature. He’ll likely get the max deal when it comes time, so why would you prefer Bynum over Howard?!

      • Gonzalesv

        at first i felt like brick tops .. where i wanted bynum .. but i think its jsut because hey he said he would sign here as dwight said he would not .. BUT i still would rather roll the dice with d12 .. and hope for the best

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