2018 NBA Trade Deadline Recap

After weeks of speculation suggesting that it might be a quiet 2018 trade deadline, we got a pretty eventful day in terms of deals completed — NBA teams agreed to 12 trades today, after four others had been finalized in the 10 days leading up to the deadline.

The deadline was still quiet on some fronts, with contenders like the Warriors, Celtics, Rockets, and Raptors staying out of the fray, but the Cavaliers underwent one of the biggest single-day overhauls in years, and last week’s Blake Griffin trade was a bona fide blockbuster.

Our recap of all of 2018’s deadline deals can be found below, starting with the moves completed today…

Trades completed on deadline day:

February 8

February 8

February 8

  • Heat acquire Dwyane Wade.
  • Cavaliers acquire a 2024 second-round pick (heavily protected).

February 8

  • Knicks acquire Emmanuel Mudiay.
  • Nuggets acquire Devin Harris and the less favorable of the Clippers’ and Knicks’ 2018 second-round picks (from Knicks).
  • Mavericks acquire Doug McDermott and the less favorable of the Kings’ and Trail Blazers’ 2018 second-round picks (from Nuggets).

February 8

  • Suns acquire Elfrid Payton.
  • Magic acquire the second-most favorable of the Grizzlies’, Hornets’, and Heat’s 2018 second-round picks.

February 8

  • Pistons acquire James Ennis.
  • Grizzlies acquire Brice Johnson and the less favorable of the Bulls’ and Pistons’ 2022 second-round picks.

February 8

  • Pistons acquire Jameer Nelson.
  • Bulls acquire Willie Reed and the right to swap 2022 second-round picks with the Pistons.

February 8

February 8

February 8

February 8

  • Hawks acquire Sheldon Mac and cash.
  • Wizards acquire a 2019 second-round pick (heavily protected).

February 8

Trades completed in the 10 days leading up to the deadline:

February 7

February 5

  • Bucks acquire Tyler Zeller.
  • Nets acquire Rashad Vaughn and the Bucks’ 2018 second-round pick (if it falls between 31-47).

February 1

  • Pelicans acquire Nikola Mirotic and their own 2018 second-round pick (previously sent to Bulls).
  • Bulls acquire Omer Asik, Tony Allen, Jameer Nelson, the Pelicans’ 2018 first-round pick (top-5 protected), and the right to swap 2021 second-round picks with the Pelicans.

January 29

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20 thoughts on “2018 NBA Trade Deadline Recap

  1. Thronson5

    WHAT A DAY in the NBA! I love all this activity, exciting stuff and even though I’m not a Cavs fan I am curious to see how the Cavs do and curious to see how the Lakers new additions do especially IT even if it is only for the rest of this season.

  2. Kenleyfornia74

    The unique thing about the NBA is there are usually no good picks/prospects traded in deals. Its always about the salary cap and clearing money. 2nd round picks for the most part are not worth anything. All the trades that are player for player straight up arent big moves

  3. bigcubsfan


    • bigcubsfan

      Oh, I’m sorry. I had the space bar and punctuation lock turned off on my computer.

    • DVail1979

      Maybe nobody was willing to give a second for Lopez while taking on the rest of his contract? Lou Williams resigned for only $8 Mil or so a year which strengthened Memphis’s first round asking price for Tyreke and still no team (not even Boston which I don’t understand) was willing to give a first … hell Payton only netted Orlando a second … Teams just seemed to be more cautious with picks, especially firsts, now that Danny Ainge has shown their value

      • Gary

        You don’t want to bring Tyreke into that Celtic locker room. strAinge has worked so hard to build this thing and had great patience and acquired youth plus waited for his one Superstar to become available.

        Now they’re all set for doing very well this year, and perhaps climbing to the top next season when the young guys have gained a little experience.

        strAinge will not throw it all away and go for all the marbles this year by bringing in Tyreke Evans. He’s a little too casual and has no urgency for the moment in his game.

        He’ll get you some buckets, and has a ton of talent, but he’ll smile, shrug his shoulders and leave the stadium feeling great, win or lose.

  4. x%sure

    I was expecting Cody Z or Dwight H to be dealt after the Hernangomez trade. Darn it Cavs still need a C, but there’s a roster spot available for one in buyout season. They did “call up” Kendrick Perkins.
    Well the Cavs did well, and Lakers too.

    • DVail1979

      Why do the Cavs need a C? Thompson is adequate there and once Love is healthy Thompson and Nance will be a solid duo

      • x%sure

        That’s only 3 for 2 positions. Zizic is too young, Perkins is too old, and Jeff Green and James don’t like it inside although they have been willing on assignments.

        How did you figure what bugged bigcubsfan? Yes GMs are guarding their picks like they might their children!

        • moazetongue

          This year’s draft according to the talking heads and scouts is the deepest draft since the 2003 draft.

        • DVail1979

          Yes that’s 3 for 2 positions … starters and a main back up … anyone else who Cleveland signs would be fighting for scrap minutes (unless they had acquired Jordan)

  5. x%sure

    This Cavs-Lakers trade, this is why Dan Gilbert got rich while saying FU to the world at the same time. Daring LA to steal James with money he afforded them. He’ll win.

    • AmericanEducated

      Lol. Honestly, what players would want 2 play with James? Have a hitoric night and press be like “what does lebron think about your night”
      “Is lebron ok with you taking so many shots”
      “Will lebron …….”

      I hate the Lakers, but part of me wants the lebron,lavar sh!t show bad.

      PG maybe, but Lebron and the lavar show?…

      I think lebron stays on the east. The west could ruin him unless he goes to rockets etc..

      Lebron is a beast, but father time is undefeated. He will get slower ever year.

    • moazetongue

      Gilbert prepared the Cavs for James to leave it to stay. He got players that could actually help him to the nba finals while keeping the nets 1st round pick. So IF James leaves, James goes to the west and he still has cornerstone players and a potential lottery pick. IF James stays, James has younger, athletic and type of player to get James to his unprecedented 9th straight finals and a lotto pick to boot. Well done Gilbert. Well done!

      • DVail1979

        The Nets pick wasn’t eligible to be traded yet from what I heard … not that they would have dealt it anyways … I think Cleveland did well and Nance will help up front tremendously … am I the only one that thinks the Cavs did the right thing not trading for Jordan?

        • x%sure

          No! And most were against it on Cleveland sites, though, most also wanted SOMETHING done.

  6. driftcat28

    Best part about the IT trade is maybe he’ll tell Lavar to stfu

    • LaVar has burned less bridges than IT. Everywhere he goes, it’s someone else’s fault. I kinda hope LaVar tells him to stfu.

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