Finalists For NBA Awards Announced

The top three finalists for each of this year’s NBA awards are being released on tonight’s TNT pre-game show. The trophies will be presented June 25 at the league’s official awards show.

Here’s an ongoing list that we will update as the candidates are announced, along with links to our staff’s picks for each honor:

Rookie of the Year

Hoops Rumors Analysis: ROY

Most Improved Player

Hoops Rumors Analysis: MIP

Sixth Man of the Year

Hoops Rumors Analysis: Sixth Man

Coach of the Year

  • Dwane Casey (Raptors)
  • Quin Snyder (Jazz)
  • Brad Stevens (Celtics)

Hoops Rumors Analysis: COY

Defensive Player of the Year

Hoops Rumors Analysis: DPOY

Most Valuable Player

Hoops Rumors Analysis: MVP

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16 thoughts on “Finalists For NBA Awards Announced

  1. KenJorB

    It is interesting that there are no Warriors here. They are about winning championships, not individual awards.

    • NOPelicanFangirl696969

      Well i mean some of these people arent necessarily worried about the awards

    • diller79

      KD and Steph have both won MVP before and the rockets had the best record in the league so that adds up to Harden winning it

  2. mattpatricia

    Let’s hope the guy that said harden is in the 6-8 range for mvp doesn’t show up on here. I can’t deal with the stupidity again

  3. ROY – Ben Simmons
    MIP – Victor Oladipo
    Sixth Man – Lou Williams
    COY – Brad Stevens
    DPOY – Anthony Davis/Joel Embiid
    MVP – Anthony Davis
    Personally I found hard to chose between AD & JE when it comes to DPOY.
    For the MVP, I personally would have
    1 – Anthony Davis
    2 – Lebron James
    3 – Giannis Antetokounmpo
    4 – James Harden
    so the way they chose the 3 finalists only affects that I would place Harden 3rd instead of Giannis, but MVP is gotta be AD what a season, most valuable player for his team, how good would NOP had been without him.

  4. dust44

    Kinda expected to c Capela in the Defensive Player of the Year category. But u can’t argue with who they have as the 3 finalists

    • Luke Adams

      Indeed. Copy+pasting mistake by me when I was editing the formatting here. Fixed now, thanks.

  5. Dodgethis

    There seems to be some confusion. MVP DOESN’T have anything to do with being the most valuable player to your team, it’s about being the most valuable player in the league. Your team is irrelevant for this award.

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