2017/18 NBA Free Agents

Five Notable Guards Still Available In Free Agency

Most of the unrestricted free agents on the market this month have found a new home or remained with their previous team. There are still some big names and players with extensive resumes seeking employment in the league. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll take a look at some of the notable UFAs who still haven’t signed contracts.

Some of the teams that might be seeking guard help include the Warriors, Heat, Hornets, Hawks, Trail Blazers and Timberwolves, all of whom could be in the market for a bargain-basement veteran to fill their third point guard spot.

The Knicks could use some veteran help at that spot, though they could acquire a starter as part of any deal involving Carmelo Anthony. The Bucks met with Derrick Rose before he opted to join the Cavaliers, so it’s possible they’ll sign another proven floor leader.

Let’s take a look at a handful of well-known guards that have yet to get a satisfactory offer:

  • Deron Williams – Once considered one of the top point men in the league, Williams is in the twilight of his career. Williams,  33, was still good enough to start 40 games with the Mavericks last season before reaching a buyout agreement and joining the Cavaliers. He averaged 13.1 PPG and 6.9 APG with Dallas, with those figures dropping to 7.5 PPG and 3.6 APG in a more limited role with Cleveland. He didn’t have the desired impact off the bench in postseason play, averaging just 4.3 PPG and 2.1 APG in 14.6 MPG over 18 appearances. He hasn’t generated much buzz on the market.
  • Ty Lawson – Lawson saw action in 69 games with the Kings last season, including 25 starts, and averaged 9.9 PPG and 4.8 APG in 25.1 MPG. His PER was an above-average 15.42. In fact, the 29-year-old Lawson has posted an above-average PER in all but one of his seasons. Lawson was reportedly close to signing with China’s Shanxi Brave Dragons but is still mulling all of his options.
  • Ian Clark – Rotation players on a championship team normally get snapped up pretty quickly on the free agent market. Clark has drawn interest but he’s been disappointed by the money offered. Clark appeared in 77 games for the Warriors and averaged 6.8 PPG while shooting 37% from long range. He’s received minimum-salary offers from multiple teams, including the Timberwolves, but is hoping to get a better deal.
  • Monta Ellis – The former Pacers combo guard entered the market when the club waived him earlier this month, even though he had a guaranteed salary of $11.227MM. Indiana will use the stretch provision to absorb the cap hit over five years. Ellis will have to sit out the first five games wherever he goes, as he received a five-game  suspension for violating the NBA’s anti-drug policy.  Previously one of the league’s most prolific scorers, Ellis saw his playing time drop last season to 27.0 MPG. He averaged 8.5 PPG and 3.2 APG, the lowest totals since his rookie season of 2005/06 with the Warriors.
  • Jason Terry – The ‘Jet’ turns 40 in September but he wants to play two more seasons. He was a rotation player for the Bucks last season, averaging 4.1 PPG and 1.3 APG in 18.4 MPG. The career 38.0% 3-point shooter is a valued veteran presence in any locker room. A return to Milwaukee is possible now that Rose is out of the picture.

Top 50 NBA Free Agents Of 2017

The NBA’s new league year will officially begin on Saturday at 12:01 am eastern time, and while this year’s free agent period may not be as wild as last year’s, when the salary cap jumped by $24MM, there are several teams with the ability to splash around this July, and several players worth significant investments.

Listed below are our top 50 free agents for the 2017/18 NBA season. The players on this list will definitely become free agents on July 1 (or are free agents already), which is why we haven’t included any players who may remain under their current contracts. Rajon Rondo, for instance, is considered likely to be waived, but could still be traded or retained, so he’s on our list.

Our rankings take into account both a player’s short-term and long-term value. If we were to consider solely a player’s worth for the 2017/18 season, veterans like Dirk Nowitzki and Pau Gasol would likely place higher, while younger free agents with upside, such as Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Nerlens Noel would be ranked a little lower.

In addition to the 50 players listed below, there are plenty of other notable free agents available this summer. You can check out our breakdowns of free agents by position/type and by team for the full picture.

Here are our top 50 free agents of 2017:

1. Kevin Durant, F (Warriors)"<strong
2. Stephen Curry, G (Warriors)
Durant and Curry stand on their own above the rest of 2017’s free agent class. They’re both former MVPs. They’re both members of the NBA champion Warriors. And they’re both not going anywhere this summer. The NBA offseason is unpredictable, and anything could happen once the new league year opens on Saturday and Durant and Curry officially become free agents. But the expectation is that the duo will have no desire to talk to any team besides Golden State. Because the Warriors hold Curry’s Bird rights, he’s expected to get a five-year deal worth the max ($200MM+) if he wants it, while Durant will likely sign a shorter-term pact, possibly worth a little less than the max.

3. Gordon Hayward, F (Jazz)
An effective scorer heading into 2016/17, Hayward elevated his game to another level in his contract year, earning his first All-Star nod and averaging a career-high 21.9 PPG. Hayward contributes on both ends of the floor and is an efficient scorer, with a shooting line of .471/.398/.844 last season — he’s also just 27 years old, meaning his next contract should cover his prime years. Hayward’s choice this summer appears likely to come down to a move to South Beach, a reunion with his former coach Brad Stevens in Boston, or a return to Utah with a rising Jazz team coming off a 51-win season.

4. Blake Griffin, F/C (Clippers)
Griffin had been on track to hit free agency alongside fellow star Clipper Chris Paul, but CP3 unexpectedly opted into the final year of his contract as part of a trade to the Rockets this week, making Griffin’s situation more intriguing. It’s not clear yet if Paul’s departure will make Griffin more or less likely to return to Los Angeles, but it will be interesting to see how high the Clippers and other suitors are willing to go. Griffin is certainly worth a maximum salary offer based on talent alone, but his injury history will make teams proceed with caution — the former first overall pick has averaged just 54 regular season games played over the last three seasons.

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NBA Team Option Decisions For 2017/18

Having created a post last week to track this offseason’s player option decisions, we’re turning our attention today to team options. In the coming weeks, we’ll use the space below to keep tabs on all the team options for 2017/18, making note of whether they’re picked up or declined.

True team options are somewhat rare in the NBA, since teams have typically preferred to include a non-guaranteed year or two in player contracts. Non-guaranteed salaries are less restrictive and provide a little more flexibility than team options, which clubs must act upon by a specific date (June 29) each year.

Still, there are several team options around the NBA for the 2017/18 season, as detailed below. We’ll keep this list updated through the end of June to note the latest decisions.

Here’s the current breakdown:

Point Guards

Shooting Guards

Small Forwards

Power Forwards


  • None

NBA Player Option Decisions For 2017/18

A number of NBA contracts include player options in the final year. Those option years give the player the opportunity to either opt into the final year of his deal, finishing out his contract, or to opt out and hit the free agent market a year early.

A year ago, 29 veterans held player options on their contracts for 2016/17, and 26 of those players declined to pick up those options, choosing instead to enter free agency. The three players that exercised their options were Tim Duncan, Caron Butler, and Mo Williams — none of the three played a single NBA minute this past season.

In other words, if you had a player option on your contract last year, declining it was a no-brainer, unless you didn’t expect to land another contract. Even someone like Shane Larkin, who spent the season overseas playing ball in Spain, turned down a player option for that opportunity.

This year’s player option decisions will likely follow a similar pattern, with a few exceptions. Although the salary cap won’t make the same leap in 2017 that it did in 2016, there’s still plenty of money available out there for free agents, so guys with player options may turn them down in search of a longer-term contract that will pay more overall.

This year’s player options are detailed below. We’ll keep this list updated through the end of June to note the latest decisions.

Point Guards

Shooting Guards

Small Forwards

Power Forwards


* Note: Paul and Griffin have early termination options on their contracts. These aren’t technically player options, but practically speaking, they serve the same function.

2017 NBA Free Agents By Team

Hoops Rumors’ up-to-date list of 2017 free agents by team is below. These are players who are eligible for restricted or unrestricted free agency after the 2016/17 season.

Players with team or player options for the 2017/18 season are listed, unless they’re still on their rookie scale contracts. Restricted free agents are marked with (RFA).

This list will continue to be updated throughout the 2017 offseason, so be sure to use it and our list of 2017 free agents by position as points of reference throughout the year. Both lists can be found anytime under “Hoops Rumors Features” on our right-hand sidebar. If you have any corrections or omissions, please contact us.

Updated 10-11-17 (10:06am CT)

Atlanta Hawks

  1. None

Boston Celtics

  1. None

Brooklyn Nets

  1. Randy Foye

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2017 NBA Free Agents

Hoops Rumors’ up-to-date list of 2017 free agents is below. These are players who are eligible for restricted or unrestricted free agency after the 2016/17 season. The player’s 2017 age is in parentheses. Players who didn’t finish the 2016/17 season on an NBA roster aren’t listed here, with the exception of a few notable names.

Free agents are separated by type, starting with unrestricted and restricted. Players with team or player options for the 2017/18 season are listed, unless they’re still on their rookie scale contracts. Players whose 2017/18 contracts aren’t fully guaranteed are also noted below.

Our list of 2017 free agents sorted by team can be found here. As options are exercised or declined, salaries become guaranteed, or players are signed, our free agent lists will be updated.

You’ll be able to access this list anytime under the “Hoops Rumors Features” menu on the right sidebar of our desktop site, or on the “Features” page in our mobile menu. If you have any corrections or omissions, please contact us.

Updated 5-14-18 (4:06pm CT)

Unrestricted Free Agents

Point Guards

Shooting Guards

Small Forwards

Power Forwards


Restricted Free Agents

No restricted free agents remaining. Click here to see where this year’s RFAs signed.

Player Options

No decisions remaining. Click here for Hoops Rumors’ 2017/18 player option decision tracker.

Team Options

No decisions remaining. Click here for Hoops Rumors’ 2017/18 team option decision tracker.

Non-Guaranteed Contracts

Our list of players on non-guaranteed contracts for 2017/18 has been moved. Click here for that list of players, who aren’t free agents, but don’t yet have fully guaranteed salaries for the coming season.

The Basketball Insiders salary pages were used in the creation of this post.