Players Eligible For Rookie Scale Extensions In 2022

When the NBA’s 2022/23 league year begins this summer, players eligible for free agency will be able to begin negotiating and reaching contract agreements with suitors. In addition to those free agents, another group of players will also become eligible to sign new deals.

For players who are entering the fourth and final year of their rookie scale contracts, the first day of the new league year (July 1) is the first day they can agree to rookie scale extensions. Those players, who were 2019 first-round selections, will have until the day before the 2022/23 regular season starts to finalize long-term agreements with their current teams.

Players eligible for rookie scale extensions can sign new deals that run for up to four – or even five – years, with those contracts taking effect beginning in 2023/24. If they don’t sign extensions during the coming offseason, those players will be eligible for restricted free agency in the summer of 2023.

Eleven players who were eligible for rookie scale extensions during the 2021 offseason signed new deals. That number was a new record, and continued a recent trend — we’ve seen an uptick in rookie extensions during the last few years as more teams look to lock up their promising young players in advance of free agency. We should expect several more rookie scale extensions to be signed between July and October of this year.

Here are the players who will be eligible to sign rookie scale extensions during the 2022 offseason:

The following players were selected in the first round of the 2019 draft along with the players listed above. However, they aren’t eligible for rookie scale extensions this year for the reasons noted:

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