2017/18 In-Season NBA Trades

As we did with this year’s offseason trades and the in-season swaps from 2016/17, we’ll be keeping track of all the trades from this season as they become official, updating this post with each transaction. This post can be found anytime throughout the season on our desktop sidebar under “Hoops Rumors Features,” or in our mobile menu under “Features.”

Trades are listed here in reverse chronological order, with the latest on top. So, if a player has been dealt multiple times, the first team listed as having acquired him is the one that ended up with him. For more details on each trade, click the date above it.

For more information on the specific conditions dictating if and when draft picks involved in these deals will actually change hands, be sure to check out RealGM.com’s breakdown of the details on traded picks.

Here’s the full list of the trades completed during the 2017/18 NBA season:

December 7

November 7

  • Bucks acquire Eric Bledsoe.
  • Suns acquire Greg Monroe, the Bucks’ 2018 first-round pick (top-10 and 17-30 protections), and the Bucks’ 2018 second-round pick (top-47 protected).

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