2020/21 In-Season NBA Trades

As we did with 2020’s offseason trades and the in-season swaps from 2019/20, we’ll be keeping track of all the NBA trades completed this season as they become official, updating this post with each transaction. This post can be found anytime throughout the season on our desktop sidebar under “Hoops Rumors Features,” or in our mobile menu under “Features.”

Trades are listed here in reverse chronological order, with the latest on top. So, if a player has been dealt multiple times, the first team listed as having acquired him is the one that ended up with him. For more details on each trade, click the date above it.

For more information on the specific conditions dictating if and when draft picks involved in these deals will actually change hands, be sure to check out RealGM.com’s breakdown of the details on traded picks.

Here’s the full list of the trades completed during the 2020/21 NBA season:

February 8

January 22

  • Rockets acquire Kevin Porter Jr.
  • Cavaliers acquire the Warriors’ 2024 second-round pick (top-55 protected).

January 17

  • Nets acquire James Harden.
  • Rockets acquire Victor Oladipo, Dante Exum, Rodions Kurucs, the Nets’ 2022 first-round pick (unprotected), the Bucks’ 2022 first-round pick (unprotected; from Cavaliers), the Nets’ 2024 first-round pick (unprotected), the Nets’ 2026 first-round pick (unprotected), and the right to swap first-round picks with the Nets in 2021, 2023, 2025, and 2027 (all unprotected).
    • Note: Oklahoma City has the ability to swap first-round picks with the Rockets in 2021 (top-four protected) and 2025 (top-10 protected). Check RealGM for more details on how this affects the Rockets’ ability to swap with the Nets in those years.
  • Pacers acquire Caris LeVert, a 2023 second-round pick (least favorable of the Rockets’, Mavericks, and Heat’s picks; from Rockets), a 2024 second-round pick (least favorable of the Cavaliers’ and Jazz’s picks; from Cavaliers), and cash ($2.6MM; from Nets).
    • Note: If the Rockets’ 2023 second-round pick is No. 31 or No. 32, the Pacers will instead receive that pick.
  • Cavaliers acquire Jarrett Allen, Taurean Prince, and the draft rights to Aleksandar Vezenkov (from Nets).
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13 thoughts on “2020/21 In-Season NBA Trades

  1. Marty McRae

    Remember yesterday, when I said if GSW acquired Oladipo and PJ Tucker they’d EASILY take out the Lakers? And yall said they needed WAY more than those two? HAHA.

    I was kind of wrong, but also very right. They don’t need those 2 to beat them, as they proved last night, but if they did have them they’d absolutely trash them in any playoff series.

    That said, they should still use the $9.2 TPE on JaVale or PJ.

    • wagner13

      Credit to the Warriors for winning last night, but even you must admit the game was a close call. I doubt adding PJ and McGee would allow Golden State to “trash” the Lakers. I mean, Memphis just beat the Sixers by two. Does that mean we would “trash” them in a series once we got JJJ back? No; same logic applies here

      • Marty McRae

        @wagner13 the game was close with LAL at full strength and GSW missing Klay Thompson.

        Adding a couple high IQ veterans to balance the youth would make this team unstoppable. We saw they were missing one player last night and if they had him, it wouldn’t even have been close.

    • I loved last night’s come-from-behind win of course, but everyone saw the calls go against the Lakers.. and the Warriors in fact were getting trounced at times in the first half.

      If This Were a playoff game they don’t call traveling on LeBron James and the Lakers don’t give up a 20-point lead. Nice regular-season win and important for the Warriors but don’t read too much into it.

      • Marty McRae

        Imagine having Lebron and AD and the best defensive unit in the NBA then still having the audacity to cry about calls not going their way (almost all of those were correct, btw also Steph literally never gets any calls ever, so save the sob story for Lebron’s crying face he makes 100x a game every time he plays GSW haha)

    • Jimmy Fitzsimmons

      I remember when the Lakers beat the 73-9 Warriors. If only they let last place teams in the playoffs, Dubs were in trouble!

      • Marty McRae

        5 straight finals says your opinions are straight up garbage lol GSW beats Bron, GSW beats KD, GSW even beats Harden with Draymond only on Christmas Day 2019 hahahaha

        • wagner13

          What’s this about five straight Finals? GS won one in 2014/15 and two consecutive in 2016/17 and 2017/18. Unless this is a “prediction.” In which case, I predict Trump pays his taxes before the Warriors win five straight Finals

  2. siggers84

    I know it’s old news but why did Durant even go to Nets. Warriors had Curry Klay. Now he got Harden, Kyrie. When he signed for Nets I thought… ok he wants to prove he can do it on his own here. Just doing same as before now.

    • Marty McRae

      I keep saying it, small brains think KD going to GSW ruined his legacy, but him leaving GSW hurt it way, way more.

    • Kevin Durant enjoys change in continuity. He’s single and likes variety and hanging with his boys. He went to the Warriors to play basketball the right way. Ball movement, tough defense, and Championship potential.

      He left the Warriors because most of those guys are married and have families. Not too many parties after the games, it’s going home and getting a good night’s rest and chilling. Even single guy Klay Thompson really isn’t a partier.

      So if I was Durant I’d move on too. I can relate, I love change. I move every few years and I’ve got a different car every single year. Not that I didn’t like the old but I enjoy change, something different. It’s all good.

      • washington_bonercats

        The amount of projection you’re throwing onto KD because you feel the need to move around a lot is hilarious. He left the Warriors because he’d done what he went to do and got Dray running his mouth in return. He had an opportunity that most players don’t have. He got to choose where he wanted to play with his friend Kyrie. They settled on Brooklyn because the New York market combined with the fact that the Nets aren’t the Knicks lol. Has nothing to do with Steph being married. Hope your leased Hyundai is keeping you comfy.

        • Okay I stand corrected. I appreciate your post.

          Also I don’t go with new cars.. I can’t really afford the payments !! I buy 03 to 09 Siennas and Econolines. Sometimes an 08 Camry if I want something “fast and sporty.”

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