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2016 NBA Free Agency: July 1 Recap

It has been a wild first day of free agency, with 12 of our top 20 free agents coming off the board, and nearly half of our top 50 FAs reaching contract agreements with teams around the NBA. None of these deals are official yet, since players can’t formally sign new contracts until the July moratorium lifts on July 7th. Still, it’s highly likely that all of the agreements listed below will become official at some point later this month.

In case you weren’t able to follow along with our updates throughout the first day of free agency, a recap of the day’s highlights can be found below. Going forward, be sure to keep tabs on our free agent tracker for all the latest updates on contract agreements for free agents.

Contract agreements:

* Note: Joe Johnson reached a two-year, $22MM deal with the Jazz early on July 2.

Other notable news/rumors:

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5 thoughts on “2016 NBA Free Agency: July 1 Recap

  1. Z.....

    27 players signed for $1.706 Billion on the first day of free agency. Just an average of around $63 million per player. Remember kids, play baseball and basketball lol

  2. We are hearing from over in the NFL that some consider recent signings to be rediculous amounts of money. For players in a sport that get physically assaulted on EVERY PLAY. Who risk brain trauma, broken bodies and shorter life spans, they are tragically underpaid in one of the most lucrative sports for owners. And the amonuts are still less than baseball and basketball.

    • Z.....

      I’ve said it for multiple years. The NFL is almost a criminal organization when it comes to the money the league/owners pocket. I dont know if the players union is complete garbage or what the case may be. There is ZERO reason for there to even be a salary cap, and they dont get guaranteed contracts. I had a lengthy argument about the NFL a few months ago. People complaining about contracts in basketball and baseball have no understanding of how economics work. Keep complaining though and maybe the owners will start to pocket all the money like they do in the NFL b/c apparently, everyone wants to see billionaires get richer

      • Not trying to argue your points because they’re right, but Sbnation just posted a really good article about why NBA players are paid more than NFL players. Definetly give it a read.

        • Z.....

          I understand why that happens. That isnt my argument. I also somewhat understand why they dont give guaranteed contracts. Obviously, its b/c of shelf life on NFL players and injuries, and then the hard cap, which is designed for teams to change yearly. Still, last I checked a couple of years ago, the NFL was a $16 billion industry, and that number is probably higher now, as both baseball and basketball have risen to around $10 billion and $6 Billion this year…They can afford to give more guaranteed money, and have a higher salary cap, without a hard cap

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