2019/20 NBA Trade Candidate Series

Over the course of the 2019/20 NBA season, up until February’s trade deadline, we’re keeping an eye on potential trade candidates from around the NBA, monitoring their value and exploring the likelihood that they’ll be moved. Each of these looks at possible trade candidates focuses on a specific division, as we zero in on three players from that division.

This season’s trade deadline falls on February 6, so we should have plenty of time to visit and revisit all six divisions a few times before the deadline passes and teams become ineligible to make in-season deals.

Each installment in our trade candidate series for the 2019/20 season is linked below, along with a description of which players we discuss in each piece. We’ll continue to update this page – which can be found under the “Hoops Rumors Features” sidebar of our desktop page, or in the “Features” section of our mobile site – as we add new entries over the coming weeks and months.

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6 thoughts on “2019/20 NBA Trade Candidate Series

  1. Strike Four

    Glenn Robinson III and Willie Cauley-Stein might get traded along with Alec Burks. GSW going to stack draft picks so they can get Giannis….

    • amk3510

      Imagine thinking those 3 players can get picks with value in the same galaxy as Giannis.

        • The first two guys are not tradable. They are training camp invite walk on types.

          But Alec Burks has value. He might be worth a late first-rounder to a contender needing scoring Off the Bench?

          • SheaGoodbye

            Assuming he can stay healthy this time. The sooner they move him, the better.

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